Where To Find Things

Frome Heritage Museum is in the centre of Frome, housed in an instantly recognisable, iconic, boat-shaped building at 1 North Parade, just up from the town bridge. From above (e.g. on Google Earth), it looks like an old fashioned flat iron.

The Museum

Frome Museum was founded by the Frome Society for Local Study in 1966 and was originally located in a building on Church Steps, Frome.

The Building

The building that now houses Frome Museum was originally built for the Frome Literary and Scientific Institution in 1865. It is a four storey building, commissioned by John Sinkins.  The Museum was relocated there in 1987. The entrance to the Museum is at the side of the building on North Parade.

Upper Gallery

On entering the Museum you will find yourself in the Upper Gallery. To the side is Reception and a Collection Box. The Museum is entirely self-funded and relies strongly on donations from its visitors. Please consider a donation of £2 per adult. Children free.

Among the exhibits in this exhibition room are artefacts from Frome’s past, the wool industry, metal working, printing, and arts and crafts. A Timeline is on the wall, showing all the major events that affected Frome from 666 to 2021.

Lower Gallery

From the Upper Gallery, a few steps down will take you to the Lower Gallery with a number of displays from Frome’s past, a vintage fully-stocked chemist, a vets. There is also a prehistoric quern. This room is also used to house temporary exhibitions.

Derek Gill Library

By appointment you could do research in the Museum’s extensive Library that contains thousands of important documents from Frome’s past – deeds, directories, books, photographs, paintings, information about Frome citizens, its roads, its building, its clubs and societies.

Collections Room

By appointment you could also do research in the Museum’s Collection Room that contains hundreds of artefacts from Frome’s past – maps, costumes, agricultural implements, tradesmen’s tools, industrial tools, theatre documents and photographs.

Virtual Library

Over the past decade, Frome Museum, like many organisations, has acquired an increasing number of virtual assets, documents, photographs, etc, that only exist electronically. These objects are stored on the museum’s servers and are available to you through our on-line Collection Catalogue.


Frome Museum stocks a number of local history publications that are for sale. An important publisher is the Frome Society for Local Study.

Upstairs Offices and Basement Stores

The Museum has offices and work rooms on the first floor and storage areas in the basement. These areas are not open to the public.