Museum Collection

What you will find in our collections

Our collections are an incredible resource for all kinds of research, whether you are a family historian, an academic, an artist, a writer or just interested in finding out more about Frome and its environs.

There are 11,600 documents, 4400 photographs, 2300 books; 1300 maps; 3600 Objects (including geology and archaeology).

The breadth of topics covered by the material includes: Frome Streets – activities and buildings; Villages – near to Frome; Industry and Transport; Maps; People; Natural History – geology and archaeology; Newspapers; Organisations – churches, schools, commercial enterprises; Govenance – councils, public services, politics; Living – health, sport, leisure, household/domestic; Events affecting Frome – national and local.

Altogether it is a treasure chest of history which will give you a tantalising glimpse into the life and characters of Frome. Dive in and start searching!

Frome Museum’s collection is available electronically. This on-line Collection Catalogue gives you access to the records for the 23,000 items owned by the museum, physical artefacts, books, documents, photos, paintings, maps, newspaper articles. Clicking on the Search Our Collection button anywhere on this website will take you to the Museum’s on-line Collection Catalogue, initially to its Introduction tab.  Once you are ready to search for something, click on the Search tab. You can then either browse, or search for a name or place or other key word in either the title or the description provided in the record.

The descriptions have been compiled by museum volunteers and normally consist of a couple of sentences or so, sometimes accompanied by an image.  If you are interested in viewing an item during a visit to the museum, it is worth jotting down its Object Number so that stewards at the museum can track it down quickly and easily.

You will find instructions on the front page of the catalogue but here are a couple of tips:

  • Be Smart, narrow things down. If you’re looking for the famous stained glass windows in Trinity Church, “Trinity Church” gives 100+ entries, “Holy Trinity Church” about 70, and “Trinity Church Windows” just 8.
  • Take care, we are not Google. If you want a “society” but you spell it “soceity”, you won’t find it.

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