We Sell Books

We Sell Books 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

Just inside the museum entrance there is a rack of second-hand books donated for fund raising. Come in, browse and buy if you find something you like. Every Independent Market Day (first Sunday of every month March to December from 10.00am) the front doors facing the Market Place are open and the lobby with its spectacular staircase given over to a book sale with a section containing all the latest publications and information from the Frome Society.

The Frome Society for Local Study, with whom we work in close collaboration, commission and publish books about a wide variety of historical subjects pertinent to Frome. All their publications are obtainable from the museum during opening hours or by appointment. For more information please contact us on 01373 454 611 or email publications@fsls.org.uk

There are now over 100 books, pamphlets and periodicals about the history of Frome and its surrounding villages. Many have been out of print for some years but are now slowly being made available in PDF format without charge.

There is a comprehensive list of books about Frome past and present divided into various sections including the out of print publications:

Publications are also available from –

Winstone’s Hunting Raven Bookshop 01373 473 111

or the society’s website https://fromesociety.wordpress.com/bookshop